Wildlife Research Permit

Do I need a Wildlife Research Permit to study migratory birds in the NWT?

Sep 26, 2011

Yes, you do. Research studies on migratory birds or their habitats anywhere in the NWT require a Wildlife Research Permit under the NWT Wildlife Act.

Research involving the killing, capturing, and biological sampling of migratory birds requires a Migratory Birds Scientific Permit from the Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS), a division of Environment Canada. Standard aerial or ground surveys of migratory birds would not normally require a Migratory Birds Scientific Permit, unless they are being conducted within or over a Migratory Bird Sanctuary or National Wildlife Area. In this case, a CWS Migratory Bird Sanctuary Permit or CWS National Wildlife Area Permit is required.

In addition, if you wish to band migratory birds, you will need a Banding Permit from the Canadian Bird Banding Office.