Licensing Summary Tables

We put together the following tables to help you navigate the licensing and permitting processes required to do research in the Northwest Territories (NWT).  Use them to find out which agencies you need to contact before starting your research!

How to use the Licensing Summary Tables:

  1. Go through the tables for each research component of your project - different kinds of research have different licensing and/or permitting processes.
  2. Start with Table 01 (Physical or Biological Science projects) or Table 02 (Social Science projects), depending on the nature of your proposed research project.
  3. Check for any additional approvals you made need in Table 03.
  4. You may require extra licences or permits in some situations – for example, you will require a work visa if you are a foreign citizen working on a research project in Canada, and a Wildlife Export Permit if you intend to ship animal parts outside the NWT. Find more examples of additional licenses and permits in Appendix B of the Guide to Research.