About Access Research NWT


Access Research NWT is an online portal that brings together the information you need to start the research licence or permitting process required to conduct your studies in the Northwest Territories, Canada. It also serves as a strong resource both for community organizations and researchers by offering everything from research articles and guides, to a database of research done in the NWT.


All research in the NWT must be licensed or permitted, and it can be a complex process for researchers to figure out which approvals they need to conduct fieldwork here. Research regulators in the NWT have expressed that they would like to see an online resource for researchers and community organizations that contains information about the many research permitting processes.


The Aurora Research Institute (ARI) created and administers the Access Research NWT website.

Access Research NWT was made possible through funding from the Canadian Arctic Research Licensing Initiative (CARLI), a component of the Government of Canada’s Program for the International Polar Year.


Access Research NWT was launched in early 2011, and will continue to grow as the site is updated, and new information of interest both to researchers and community organizations is added.