Archaeologists Permit

Do I need any other permits or licences to do archaeological work in the NWT?

Sep 20, 2011

Depending on the scope and location of your project, you may require other permits or licences to work in the Northwest Territories. Below is a summary:

  • Depending upon the scale of the project, you may need a Land Use Permit. The location of your project will determine which Land and Water Board you will need to contact.
  • If you are planning to conduct other scientific or anthropological studies in conjunction with an archaeological project, you will require a Scientific Research Licence from the Aurora Research Institute.


In addition to regulatory permits and licences, the Inuvialuit Settlement Area, Gwich’in Settlement Area, and Sahtu Settlement Area all require that researchers obtain permission from the regional aboriginal government before doing any work. Researchers working within the Inuvialuit Settlement Area may also require a project screening by the Environmental Impact Screening Committee.

More detailed information can be found here: