Researching in the NWT

Doing research in the NWT necessarily involves communication with local people.

Before, during, and after fieldwork, researchers are always in contact with NWT residents. Local communities expect to know that researchers are planning a visit (and that’s why many of the research permits are in place). They want to know what, when and why you are in their traditional lands. Moreover, communities like to have a chance to contribute at the preliminary stages of the study, and they want to learn the results of your research in an accessible and culturally appropriate format.

Don’t forget though, that building up your relationship with the local community may be an invaluable asset when you are faced with the potentially greater difficulties associated with conducting scientific fieldwork in the North.

Read the following pages for information that will help you connect with communities.

To assist you with your fieldwork planning and logistics, we included a chapter containing a list of organizations that may support your research project.

For information regarding the licensing and permitting procedures that regulate research in the NWT, please go to Licensing Overview.