Building a Path for Northern Science – GNWT’s Science Agenda

In November 2009, the Government of the Northwest Territories released its Science Agenda: Building a Path for Northern Science

The Science Agenda establishes a strategic framework for science and identifies priorities that will guide future research and science integration in the GNWT. This is a useful tool to direct science practitioners in the NWT to investigations that will yield relevant and valuable information to NWT residents. It also refocuses science initiatives across the GNWT and influences science funding in the NWT.

In the past, research undertaken in the NWT has primarily been driven by the scientific curiosity of southern research institutions and the interests of southern-based academics. This has resulted in high quality investigations, but it has also meant many areas of importance to NWT residents were overlooked or under-represented in research. Research results were often inadequately reported to the north and, in general, inadequately integrated into policy development at many levels of government.

To address its vision for science, the GNWT identified science priorities. Specifically, the GNWT identified areas where information is required for improved policy development, planning, regulation, and program design and implementation. The Science Agenda will influence the priorities of NWT-focused scientists during the next 20 years. Current and future research in the NWT should address one or more of the five core priorities and employ the three overarching themes identified in the document.

To download a copy of Building a Path for Northern Science, click the link below: